Help Capcom Help You

capwantsu.JPG Capcom is looking for some gamer volunteers to help them playtest what sounds to be beta or a near gold version of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for the PC.

Experienced PC first-person shooter gamers living in San Francisco who are able to hit up Capcom's office for an afternoon during working hours should shoot your info over to capcom at CONTEST at capcom dot com. Capcom is partnering with Intel for the "focus test", so they plan to five away a bunch of goodies.

If you apply send the following in your email: —Name —Age (you must be over 18 with valid ID to participate) —What are the system specs of the machine you play on? —Which titles have you played in the last 6 months? —Approximately how many hours per week do you spend playing? —Phone number at which you may be reached during business hours —Email address

Lost Planet Focus Test

UPDATE: Capcom helped me, help you, help them with this correction. Turns out they forgot to mention that the playtest is in fact for the Intel hardware than their game, which has been out for a bit.


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