Hey Readers, Pick the Best Planes!

ace_combat_6_contestpaper.jpg Voting time! Here are our finalists for our Ace Combat 6 contest. Much love and respect to everyone who entered. Picking ten finalists was really, really hard. Here's what we are giving away: A bundle of goodies that includes Ace Combat 6, glossy, photo-quality screenshots autographed by the game's producer and director, Ace Combat 6 Xbox 360 faceplates and the AC6 Flightstick set. It's up to you, Kotakuland, to pick the winner. Vote for ONE plane that you like best. Voting will close this Saturday at midnight EST. The winner for this contest (and our Dementium one) will be announced next Monday! Happy voting!! Finalist #1 acesmokeblue.jpg Smokeblue writes:

I started with the coolest paper airplane design I could find. Not content with just normal levels of awesomeness, however, I asked myself how I could make the coolest foldable flyer ever even cooler. The answer? Make it out of a giant piece of black cardstock, of course! All told, I went a little nuts with this thing. I figure around 20-25 hrs got sucked into the various facets of its creation. Folding alone was about six hours (I had to pre-score every crease), and then the artwork took up most of the rest of the time (all hand-drawn). The result: the Kotaku Air Force Stealth Bomber. And what does it drop? Ban Hammers! Right on to the stupid heads of stupid trolls. I think it turned out pretty good. The various graphics are as follow: star-man roundels, air tri-force logo, Kotaku logo, ban hammer troll kills, and the tail number "KT AF 07-360". But as cool as it turned out, I wouldn't be a true ace-pilot without my own bad video montage set to an 80's guitar lick (Mute City): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc-FkgY6EVk. Rock, rock on!

Finalist #2 ac6jkoolb10.JPG jkoolb10 writes:

in retrospect, toothpaste wasnt the best skywriting "fuel" but on the plus side my room now smells minty fresh and is tartar free now.

Finalist #3 ac6james.JPG James writes:

Down here in Key West, Florida, we have an annual celebration known as Fantasy Fest. It's a week-long festival of alcohol, costumes, and revelry. One of the big events every year is the Pet Masquerade, where locals and visitors create costumes for their pets. We always enter our dog Brutus every year, but this year we were grappling for ideas until one day when I logged on to Kotaku. With an artful blend of Ace Combat 6 inspiration and support for our local Naval Air Station, we managed to create a masterful airplane for our doggie pilot. It may not be what you had in mind for the contest — hell, it's not what I had in mind initially, either — but I hope you like it all the same. The judges of the contest certainly did — we won first prize for "most exotic."

Finalist #4 ac6geeqzilla.JPG GeeQzilla writes:

The Head, The Plane, The infamous ceiling fan...Super Toilet Paper Brawl! I had to crouch down and turn off the ceiling fan for this shot, my apartments too small.

I'm thinking about using the head as my halloween costume

Finalist #5 ac6max%26johnny.jpg Johnny writes:

In the true American spirit we responded to this challenge with one idea in mind: "Bigger is always Better!" Therefore with two 2x6 ft. taped together we folded this graceless peice of aeronautics to become the King of the Kotaku Skies. After careful consideration and blood, sweat, and tape went into this plane we proudly proclaimed that a plane that didn't fly was as good as a controller without rumble! A plane is not a plane unless it flies! Below is the link to our maiden flight rivaling that of the Wright Bros. themselves. Enjoy!

Finalist #6 ac6graft.JPG Graft writes:

This plane never would have been built if it weren't for me getting sick at work earlier today. I left early... with sinister intentions... to build the radical Kotaku Bombu (and the Kotaku Squadron)! The original intent was to have a shot of the squadron pouring out of the bottom bay doors of the Bombu (not pictured because they're boring), but I realised that I don't the skill to actually photograph it. It's all cardstock, glue, and a bit of tape. And it flies—enough for me to almost lose it over my neighbor's fence! K-squad engage!

Finalist #7 ac6seong.JPG seong writes:

back in the day, in my teenage years, i was obsessed with jet fighters and origami. believe it or not, this is my own creation from the late 80's. it uses a whole sheet of paper. nothing is wasted. i printed the kotaku logo on the paper so it would show up on the fuselage.

Finalist #8 ac6josh.jpg Josh writes:

So here is my humble submission to you guys for a paper airplane. Took me some time, meanwhile my little lady mocks me and plays a borrowed copy of Fatal Frame 2.

I decided since the SR-71 was a sort of bomber, that we needed to have a few crossed out Thompsons for each of our victories. I figured we also needed a name for the plane, and an appropriate pin up girl to accompany it. I think "Jaded Gamer" worked out nicely.

It is comprised entirely of black poster paper, with the help of some paper poster tubes, held mostly by hot glue and packaging tape. The craft may or may not be air worthy, but I have not had time to properly test it. ; )

Finalist #9 ac6louis.jpg Louis writes:

thats a lot of planes... but there's something oddly familiar in there hey they spell KOTAKU as you said as an added plus all of these planes are capable of flight

Finalist #10 ac6wes.jpg Wes writes:

Attached are Images of the F-22 Raptor, F/A-18 hornet, and the F-16C Fighting Falcon, Kotaku Squadron. All of them fly and would be even better if I had the time to build them from heavier materials. The F-16 was the hardest of the 3 to make due to it's slim design and many pieces.


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