High Score 100 In The Wild

transformersps2.jpgEven while on vacation in the wilderness of Arizona, as I was this weekend, I still keep an eye out for my two most passionate hobbies... video games and Transformers... so when I spotted High Score 100 at a Wal Mart in the middle of nowhere, I had to pick him up. Part of the Real Gear Robots line of TF toys, High Score here is a master fighter, having learned martial arts moves apparently by being touched by master warriors. If this actually worked, there would be master warriors hanging out on every street corner and the world would be a much happier place. McWhertor's original sighting at Comic Con 07 didn't do justice to the figure's fragility, as those two little shoulder buttons popped right off as soon as I tried to move them. Still a nice little addition to the line. I also spotted a Tech Transformer that changed from a game controller into a cannon, but I believe that unless it turns into a robot it doesn't count, so nya.


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