Hitman Movie To Embrace R Rating

hitmanmovie.jpgStudio sources tell me that yesterday's rumour that Hitman was getting de-gored so it could catch a PG-13 rating were just that: Rumors.

The sources tell me that director Xavier Gens is still working on the film and that Nicholas De Toth has just been brought in as a consultant not as THE editor.

In fact there will likely be a team of editors involved in working with the film. More importantly I'm told that the studio realises that to capture the essence of Agent 47 they have to make an R-rated film and that's definitely what the studio expects the film to get when it hits the MPAA "soon". In fact they are "embracing" the R.

While I take this latest revelation with a healthy dose of anti-spin scepticism I am, once more, giddy with anticipation.


    Well, that's kinda a relief in taht regard. I mean, i'll still be expecting tripe, so it will probably be ok when I actually see it. But if it got cut down to pg-13, that would have be ridiculous. I mean the guy is paid to shoot people in the head.

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