Hollywood Sob Story, Lots of AI Games Were Canned

onesheet_sm.jpgAfter we heard about some of the games that could have been earlier today, a developer let us know a little more about what ever happened to that AI game—you know, a game based upon the that movie by Spielberg starring the dead-people-seeing prodigy.

Regarding AI from Microsoft, they actually had 6 different titles in development based on the AI property. You name the genre, there was a game for it: car racing, fighting, adventure, party game, etc. I was working on an adventure/platformer game...then the movie came out. All the titles were quickly scuttled.

My guess is that this was for the good of the consumer. And while we hate to see any game canceled and the repercussions on studio employees, there is something moderately fulfilling in knowing that, every once in a while, Hollywood, just assuming gamers will want their glorious IP and wondrous narrative digitised, suffers a nice kick in the nuts.


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