How Many Exclusives For Each Console This Christmas?

exclusives.jpgUK-based research types Screen Digest have tallied up every game coming out on the three current-gen consoles this Christmas period. There's loads. More interesting, though, are how many of those games are exclusive to each platform (HINT: not many). Of the Wii's 86 games due between now and December 31, a quarter of them are exclusive (21 or 22, the report doesn't specify). But the 360 and PS3? Well, let's just say their catalogues will be looking... familiar. Only eight of the 360's 47 games will be exclusive to the platform, while the PS3's tally is even lower, with only five of 38 games. Think exclusivity is dead? Bet your arse it is. Publishers Shifting Significantly to Wii, says Screen Digest [GameDaily]



    Wait does that mean I've been playing as Lint whilst playing the Legend of Zelga?

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