How the British Board of Film Classification Views Things

rocksanddudes.jpg The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification, formerly the British Board of Film Censors) nixed Manhunt 2 and would not certify the game's PS2 and Wii versions. This happened not once, but twice. The re-cut version got approved in the U.S., but not in the U.K. What kind of organisation is the BBFC? Clive Barker offers Newsweek's N'Gai Croal this non-gaming example about how the BBFC thinks:

Well, the BBFC is a British organization; and therefore, prone to inconsistencies. One of my first lady friends was a Liverpool lass who became a member of the BBFC, and she would tell me the kind of things that they would debate at their meetings. At what point was a penis actually erect? If it flopped around still in a sort of half-dead fish kind of way, could it possibly be removable?

Yes, the BBFC talks about boners. While it does not ban showing male genitalia, it does not classify anything with tent that has been pitched, so to speak. Apparently, the board has an actual degree measure so that it can differentiate between wet noodles and stiffies. If you are keeping score that means flaccid weenies are kosher for movies, hard-ons ain't and don't expect this type of bureaucratic organisation to give a friendlier Manhunt 2 U.K. classification anytime soon. Clive Interview Part II [Level Up]


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