How Will Bungie's Departure Affect Turn 10?

turn_10_plans.jpgIt won't, says Turn 10 Studios (big) boss man Alan Hartman. The developer of Forza Motorsport 2 and adoring child to providing parent company Microsoft isn't planning on going independent any time soon, says the studio manager. According to Hartman's in-company interview, the guys at Turn 10 seem pretty content working for Microsoft, who they say has nurtured a good environment for them to build one of the strongest racing franchises this generation.

Plus, Hartman's not interested in doing the necessary paperwork. With the recent shake-up of internal development studios at FASA and Bungie, plus the snatching away of two third party developers to third party publishers, the Xbox crowd may be worried that Turn 10 has their eye on the door. Hartman's pretty clear, saying of the Bungie deal that it's a "win-win situation as far as I can tell, but not one I'm very interested in."

A Turn 10 Introduction... [Forza Motorsport]


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