HowTo Wear Your Halo Helmet

DSC01576.JPG After reading of the MTV intern's plight to create a Master Chief costume earlier this week I remembered that some reader had sent me a picture showing a pal of his wearing the helmet from the Legendary version of the game on his head.

I had asked him to email me the details on how it was achieved and then never heard back. So I decided to do it myself... big mistake.DSC01575.JPG

Before I walk you through this let me point out two things: I had to use a glue gun to put my helmet back together. That's because the centre black piece that takes up all of the headroom is in fact also the frame that holds the whole thing together. The second reason? I'll leave that no-brainer till the end.

Instead of detailing the 25 steps necessary to do this, I'll sort of summarize. All you really need to do is unscrew all of the pieces. Unfortunately, the thing is put together like a puzzle, or an onion, or a puzzle of an onion. All said, I had to remove about 50 screws just to remove the big black piece of plastic that sheathes the copy of the game when the helmet is on its stand. I also ended up breaking a couple of tabs, though really they aren't necessary to create the finished helmet.


Once you've taken the whole thing apart, what you're left with is a pile of Master Chief coloured plastic scraps. Fortunately, with the help of the mighty glue gun, it's not that hard to put them back together again.

While it took me a good hour or two to dismantle the helmet. Gluing it all back together again only took me a half hour or so. And I was quite happy with the end results, with one exception: You can't see out of it.


Now you'd think that I would have thought this through, before spending a big chunk of my time tearing the thing down, but I didn't . No sireee. It crossed my mind, but I figured I'd come up with a solution. As far as I can tell there really isn't a good one. I could cut holes in the visor, but that would ruin the effect. I even through of covering the wholes with pieces of like-colored sunglasses, but that's just stupid.

I think the best idea might be to not do this, and instead work on building out shoulder and then mounting that on your head, with this helmet on top. That way you'd be about 7-feet tall. But that's a really bad idea too.

For now I guess I'll just amuse myself, roaming blindly around the house, scaring the dogs until i flip over the railing of my second-story loft and plummet to my death.


    These images are photoshoped :)

    Way cool. I think the people at the paintball arenas would love to see you with your MC helmet.

    hey man, it looks cool, that's all that's important

    you must have a tiny head. Me and my mate did it and our head could barely fit in it. Also if u do it properly u barely need any glue.

    It's hilarious! Where's your Assault Rifle when you need them?

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