Hudson Shoehorns CD Sound into Virtual Console

omake018.jpg Sure, Hudson is bringing TurboGrafx-CD to the Wii's Virtual Console with apparently CD-quality tunes. How are they going to do that?! Hudson spokesperson John Lee points out that music will be compressed, but claims that most won't notice. Lee explains:

We have worked hard to make sure that a CD based game will fit on Wii's built-in memory. Yes, we are using some compression technology since CDs can hold several hundred megs of memory, far bigger than the traditional Hucards could hold. For instance, the sound has been compressed, however gamers should not really notice any audible difference.

This should reduce load times as well since the games will be played from the Wii's internal memory and not a CD. Sounds good — we hope. John Lee Interview [Nintendo World Report via Aeropause]


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