I Hate the Ws

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: WWWWW Is The New LOL

Gah, I hate the Ws, sorry. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't WWW to you heart's content. But I'm an OSL, I'll be LOL my way to the grave.

Part of me hates the W because it's something new and I've been lol-ing, far too much, since, well since forever. The idea of just arbitrarily stopping seems odd to me. It would be like someone walking up to me and saying, "Hey Brian, you're laugh is out-dated, you're going to have to start guffawing." Sorry, ain't gonna happen.

Also, there's the whole issue of the Ws feeling trite and fake. I mean, I understand where it comes from, and I can see you using it since you speak Japanese, but I don't and using the W seems to me like some sort of pretense, like I'm pretending I speak Japanese. Worse still, it feels like someone trying to be cool, like wwwww is some sort of in-the-know thing, something cliquish, and I hate cliques.

I realise that the lol is over used, that people have come to use as a shortcut for "Don't take this the wrong way" or "I'm just kidding" or "That was meant to be funny". That lol is essentially a social tick, a way of replacing facial expressions with three letters, but changing lol to wwwww won't fix that, just make it more annoying.

So go ahead and muck up our campfire with your Ws, but know every time you WWWWW, I'm crying on the inside...


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