I Miss Gaming's Wow Factor

giantpeteface.jpgNot World of Warcraft. Wow. Maybe WOWSERS if that's more your style. As in, a term of excitement. That's what Peter Molyneux thinks is missing in games.

...what I desperately want I don't see very often these days: that moment I had when I first saw computer games. When I first saw Street Fighter, my eyes were glued to the screen. You look back at it now and it looks really rubbish, but it was incredible at that time.

We have to get that sense of wonder back into this industry, and that's a real obsession of mine at the moment.

So, what, we need more Street Fighter? No, silly, we need his obsession. That'd be Fable 2, then. Convenient! Say what you will about his end results (I adored Fable, but may be in the minority on that one), you've got to at least admit Pete's a fun guy to have around.

Peter Molyneux joins the 'Are games art?' debate and reveals more of Fable 2 [Gamesindustry.biz]


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