If Bungie Bails On Halo 4, Who Will Pick Up The Slack?

whowillhalo4.jpgHalo without Bungie? It's like a world without a sun. An internet without easy access to terabytes of porn. A peanut butter sandwich without the bacon and deep fried crust. But, God forbid that this week's > rumours are true and that Bungie is moving on to greener development pastures, putting the Master Chief on ice, in the unlikely scenario, who would rescue the first-person shooter franchise? MTV's chief speculator Stephen Totilo looks at the options, from the logical (Rare! Epic!) to the nigh-impossible (Team Ninja! Valve!), giving us solid odds on the potential steward for Halo 4.

I'm going to go with Team Ninja as my dream developer for this one. Itagaki has already confessed his adoration for the Halo series and public interest in seeing much skimpier Spartan armour has surely been piqued by the prospect. Make it happen!

If It Couldn't Be Bungie, Then Who Would Make "Halo 4″? [MTV Multiplayer]


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