If Jaffe Doesn't Know Words, He'll Tell You

gentlejaffepicII.jpg Can't get enough Jaffe? We can't! Newsweek's N'Gai Croal has posted the second part of his interview with the outspoken God of War creator. Jaffe is totally honest. How honest? This honest:

Croal: You're very connected in the industry, you've worked with a number of people and you've met a number of people over the years. Do you get a sense that the concerns that you had about the remuneration to people in your position relative to the remuneration to the publishers is a growing concern among creative people in the industry?

Jaffe: Gee, here's the good news—and I hope it comes through in your writing how honest I am—I could either stall you while I look up "remuneration" or I could just ask you what the hell it means, because I have no clue.

Croal: Well, it just means "payment." You know, like the money coming back to you.

Jaffe: Okay, so ask me again.

Love it! Who needs the word "remuneration" to have an arsenal of colourful vocabulary?

Jaffe Part II [Level Up]


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