Igarashi Confirms New Castlevania DS

iga_blog.jpgKoji Igarashi is apparently not one to keep secrets...if you don't count the hundreds of sarcophagi in his basement. That's why when Wired asked him if another Nintendo DS Castlevania game was on its way, he didn't do the whole, "err...uhh...no announcement at this time...what's that?? "turn into a bat an fly away* maneuver.

We're doing another Nintendo DS version. There hasn't been an official announcement, but we're doing it...we want people to enjoy the PSP version, and afterwards we're announcing it. So, please wait a little bit."

Hmm...by "wait a little bit" we hope he didn't mean, "don't tell the entire world." Because then we might feel bad for the vampire guy. Interview: Iga Talks Castlevania Everything [via cvg] [image]


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