IGF Competition Games Revealed

screenshot.jpg More than 173 games are competing in next year's Independent Games Festival, the 10th annual, and the full list just hit the web. GDC 08 will see $50,000 in prizes handed out to indie game developers, many of whom will end up landing publishing deals. It's all very exciting.

Once again, I am among the growing list of IGF judges this year, meaning I get to play a bunch of exciting new games and then give my impressions to both the festival organisers and the developers. Hit up the link to see the full list, or the jump to see the list of the game's I've been asked to take an early look at.

Independent Games Festival My Assigned Games

Invader GYM! Supernova Shootout Discs of Mayhem Artisan Venture Arctic Regnum Online Polychromatic Funk Monkey Gate

Each of the games need to be scored based on innovation in design, excellence in audio, excellence in visual art, technical excellence and an overall rating.

Once the votes are tallied, the finalists are selected the judges play all of the finalists and vote for the winner.


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