Immortals USA Hits 30,000 Beta Accounts

immortalelfgirl.jpg Immortals USA is a MMORPG I haven't heard much about, but they announced last week that they've hit 30,000 new accounts in the past month and are still signing up accounts through the game's expected late October launch. The game is based on "5,000 years of Chinese mythology", though apparently my anthologies of Chinese fables are lax in not mentioning "sexy elves of the Xia Dynasty", and I don't see any evidence of my favourite sexy bad girls of Chinese fables, the fox spirits. Basically, it looks like a sexed up version of WoW with the potential for some fascinating uses of Chinese fables and mythology - any Kotakuites played it and care to report back? Full release after the jump.

New Game World, Inc. Announces the Immortals USA Open Beta sees 30,000 new accounts in One Month

Characters created during open beta will not be deleted.

Manhattan, New York, October 03, 2007. Since the Immortals USA open beta started sign ups, over 30,000 new accounts have been created to take part. During this time, we have seen a few bumps along the way and have improved server stability, various bug fixes and also a way to detect those who were cheating which will help level the playing field for all of our players.

"30,000 isn't a huge number for an MMO" says Steve Wade, Vice President of New Game World, Inc."But we have done very little in the way of generating hype. Our first month of OB was actually pretty slow. Word of mouth in September really was more than anyone expected."

Normally having such a large influx of new players to a small staff just blossoming in the MMO bubble leads to problems, but that has not been the case. Community Manager Tim Scheepers had this to say:

"Immortals USA has been great so far! I enjoy every minute of talking with the community, practicing my English, and watching our community foundation takes shape: supportive, energetic, and overall just a place you want to hang out. The community is getting very excited for Immortals to go live in October, and so are we!"

Everyone who registers for an account will be allowed to participate in the open beta of Immortals. In order to register for an account and download the game, players should visit

We will continue to keep the service in open beta until the game is ready for commercial launch in late October.


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