What's going on?

Over the weekend we had some issues with our feed from the US, and despite our best efforts to have them rectified by today, we're still hard at work getting things running. Until then, just jump across to the US site for the latest news, and we'll get things started again as soon as possible.


    How do I "jump to the US" site because the arsefactor thing redirects me to the au site anyway, just like IGN's irritating thing does. I deleted IGN from my favourites pretty much for that reason. I read the sites to get American news, if I want an Australian take I'll read PalGN. Fah! Fie upon you! etc.

    @David: Hi David. You can access the US site via this URL: http://us.kotaku.com/

    You'll also notice there's a link at the top of the site marked "US Edition" that goes to the same address.

    Stumped by technology again. You should see me play Halo 3, it's awful. At least I can see the US site now. Hooray!

    Oh, I just thought the world stopped spinning.

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