India Gets Xbox Live And Then Some

360indialaunch.jpgMicrosoft India have announced that Xbox Live will launch in the country on November 5. If you're about to make some kind of patronising remark about tardiness, shut your mouth. Because while they're getting Xbox Live late, they're also getting some kind of Super Xbox Live, which not only will feature movie downloads (sure, they're Bollywood movies, but that's still more movies than anyone else outside of the US has got) but also game rentals. Thanks to a partnership with movie rental company Seventymm, Indian Live users can order 360 games (which are then presumably posted), play them for a few days then be done with them. Good idea! We know Netflix are looking at movie rentals, but game rentals are just that little bit more enticing.

Xbox Live coming to India next month []


    Seriously. When are Microsoft going to show us some love in Australia? Heading into 2008 and still no TV or movies for us. Tsk.

    Absolutely. What are we, a developing nation like Ind...Damnit they have movies already?!

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