Internet Complains, Forza 2 DLC Discounted

whiteflag.jpgLet's recap. Forza 2 DLC is announced, Forza 2 DLC is criminally expensive, and the regions of the internet that care about such things get a little huffy. Which is a problem for Turn 10 and Microsoft, because those huffy regions are the only ones that would actually pay for their DLC. Today, then, we get an announcement that the pack's been discounted from 600 points ($Us 7.50) to 400 points ($US 5.00). Complainers of the world, hold hands and smile, for today, the day is yours. TWIN RING MOTEGI DLC PRICING - NOW 400 MS POINTS [Forza 2 Boards]


    Score one for the little guy! Now if only they threw cars into the pack too...

    Fantastic! Now if only the GH2 guys had done the same thing with their overpriced DLC.

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