Inverse Forensics

invfor.JPG John Paul Bichard continued to push the envelope of games as art. He first started blending crime scene forensics with video games and art more than two years ago and with my background in police reporting I was fascinated. I remain fascinated.

His latest works moves from the static world of photo and screen capture to performance art. Inverse Forensics was performed at Mejan Labs in Stockholm on Aug. 30 as part of the Game Art exhibition curated by Björn Norberg and Peter Hagdahl.

In it the performer takes on the role of a player character in a generic shooter, following a set of rules that is supposed to reenact a typical FPS moment. What's interesting is that the enemies are never show, rather the viewer has to fill in the void by observing the reaction of the performer and the blood left by her actions.

It's an interesting idea and the title is more than fitting, essentially this allows the artist to create something by filling in all of the information around it. Forcing the viewer to fill in the details of race, age, and description.The rules the performer followed were based on principals that Bichard came up with by analysing Counter-Strike: Source and include things like the stances, how the weapon is held and blood textures.

Inverse Forensics [Thanks Bichard]


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