iPhone, DS Get Text Adventures

nintendodstextadventuregames.jpg But don't get too excited.

A small self-publishing text adventure company just figured out a way to use already existing third-party software to work with his batch of text adventures.

To play Malinche's library of self-written, I believe, text adventures on the DS you need to buy yourself Games N Music from Amazon, or whoever, buy the games and then load them onto the provided data card. The DS interface looks passable, but it's the text that really makes these games, and I haven't a clue if these adventures are any good.

Porting these games onto an iPhone WAS even easier. All you needed to do was crack your phone with something like iBrickr, load Frontz, which is free, and get the software. Unfortunately Apple is following along the same path as Sony, and released a firmware last month that relocked the phones. So you'll have to wait a bit on that front. Too bad, I had been playing Zork on my iPhone and loving it.

Operation DoubleShot Revealed [Malinche Entertainment] iphonetextadventuregames1.jpg


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