IPTV Coming to Next 360 Dashboard Update?

leakyiptvmicrosoftfall1.jpg Xbox 360 Fanboy has the rumour mill running at full speed today with salacious speculative details on the new Xbox 360 dashboard update. According to some photos sent to them by a tipster who's Xbox recently returned from the repair center, a mysterious new icon appeared on his dash that had four blank squares next to it. The photos have led to mass speculation that this is a sign of impending IPTV inclusion in the Fall Update.

Oddly, the tipster is running the same dashboard version as the rest of us (2.0.5787.0), so how this ended up on his system is unknown. As you can see from the photo, the features listed are: Live & recorded TV, On-demand movies and Chat while watching TV. If all this turns out to be true, it could mean a pretty spiffy update when it finally rolls around. If it's not true, feel free to head over to Xbox 360 Fanboy and register your many outraged complaints there.

Rumor: Leaked screens show IPTV and Fall update [Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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