IR Gurus Let Slip The Dates Of War

A designer for IR Gurus’, posting under the username Grif, made a rather interesting contribution to the forums for Heroes of the Pacific. In it, there are a number of read-worthy statements, but the best we eyed regards the developer’s next game, Heroes over Europe:

** It’s been mentioned elsewhere, so I think it’s safe to say we’re currently(!) looking at a 2009 release date.

Except this sliver of info hasn’t been mentioned elsewhere – as far as we can tell. Grif also mentioned the following:

** It’s going to be a game for next-gen (current-gen by now, I suppose?) platforms, but we haven’t yet announced which those will be.

Well, we know the PS3 is one, as the game is mentioned on the list of titles with DualShock 3 support.

We quickly shot an email off to Atari, publisher of Heroes of the Pacific here in Oz. Here’s what they had to say about the date:

As far as I’m aware, we have no release date for that game. It is unlikely that we would announce a date for a game so far in advance with the way game releases slip!

Make of it what you will, folks. Fans will find even more gold in the post, so head on over using the link below to get your fill.

damn it! [Heroes of the Pacific forums, thanks gambit9]


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