Iraq Vet Writes Of His Return Home, Return To Gaming

pong.jpgThe New York Times has been running a series of opinion pieces under the "Home Fires" banner, in which U.S. military veterans of the Iraq War write of returning to their lives after serving overseas. While some lean toward the intense, including contributions from a soldier blinded in a roadside bomb attack and one from a vet who responded to a bloody police station bombing, the most recent from former Marine Jeffrey D. Barnett writes simply of his love of gaming. It's not filled with earth-shattering revelations or the unique insight that only a Marine hardened by battle can provide, it's simply a thoughtful, down to earth op-ed from a rational gamer, one who just happens to be a foreign war vet.

Best quote? Barnett's conclusion that "steak knives and swimming pools pose a greater threat to children, but nobody is trying to restrict adult access to those tools". Simply a nice, articulate response that attempts to address a "grossly outdated" American view on the evils of gaming.

Way Beyond Pong [New York Times]


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