Is Capcom Now Picking on the PS3?

ca9809ac.jpg Capcom and Sony aren't exactly B.F.F. Former precieved exclusives like Devil May Cry 4 have gone multi-platform, while the next Monster Hunter game is sidestepping the PS3 for the Wii. Things are kinda prickly, it seems. Last week, Wii title Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure went on sale in Japan. (Did you get it?) A survey was included with the Japanese version that asked consumers what genre they like (RPG, Sports, Adventure, etc.) and what consoles they own. Let's take a closer look at that. Below is an English translation of the second to last bracket:

Please put a check next to the console you own

1. PlayStation (PS one) 2. PlayStation 2 3. GameCube 4. Dreamcast 5. Xbox 6. Xbox 360 7. Gameboy Advance (SP, Micro) 8. Nintendo DS (Lite) 9. PSP 10. Other

Notice anything missing? Capcom totally forgets the PS3 and the Wii. But if you bought a Wii game, chances are that you own, well, a Wii. So, Capcom forgets the Wii, but remembers the Dreamcast, the Xbox and The Gameboy Micro? We just hope it's a simple oversight that the PS3 is considered "Other" and that there's no secret Capcom conspiracy out to destroy the PLAYSTATION 3. You know, a brotherhood, men in cloaks, secret handshakes, the works. Capcom Postcard Ignores PS3 [My Game News Flash]


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