Is It True That America Made Halloween Lame?

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Fund Raiser

Dagnabit! If you moved the fund raiser (and by a few, I mean a week), I could conceivably come! Sounds like it will be a good time, and it's fantastic that you'll be coordinating it with Joel's fund raiser. Oh, so next month, we are going to have some kick arse contests. Can't wait to unveil them to the readers!

Was talking to Mark Wilson earlier today, and he mentioned that Halloween is only two hours or something. It was a brief conversation, so it sounded like there was an imposed curfew or something. Like one that lasts between 4pm and 6pm? Is this just where Mark lives or is it true for the rest of the country? 'Cause I have many happy memories of staying out pretty late as a kid on Halloween. It would suck of Halloween was now an afternoon dealio.

What you missed last night MGS4 Delayed Tetris creator is getting money Halo 3 shit talkers Smash Bros. Level Building begins now!


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