Is The US Ready For "Mainstream" Gaming?

buzz.jpgEurope loves Buzz! Loves SingStar, too. In fact, if it involves getting people together in the living room for some good times, Europe are generally all over it. America, though, not so much. Lots of hate for SingStar, and Buzz! has only just been released in the US (despite having been available in PAL territories for nearly two years). Why the disparity? David Amor, bos of Buzz! Developer Relentless, has an idea:

I have a feeling that games in America are more in the hands of the core gamer than in Europe. I think gaming has probably spread a bit more widely in Europe, compared with America, and maybe the gaming system in America is still more in the den then in the living room.

Think he's right, Americans? Are you trailing in Europe's cultural wake? Or has Amor gone and overlooked that Wii thing everyone seems to be talking about these days. America's Ready to Buzz!, says Relentless Boss [Next-Gen]


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