Is This Then End For The PS2?

RIP%2048.JPGWhile the Wii, DS, Xbox 360 and even PS3/PSP have been celebrating some level of success, the PS2 saw a 47% drop in software sales this September when compared to September 06. And this drop is following the 33% year to year decline we witnessed the month before. Things aren't looking good for the PS2, and according to Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel:

While this substantial decline was inevitable, it is currently unclear whether the drop reflects consumer transition to next-gen software or weak spending patterns amongst the low-end consumer... we think that the PS2 may finally be on its way out of the industry for good.

So is this really the end for the PS2?While the PS2 has most definitely peaked, a holiday price drop could spurn a renewed interest in the already inexpensive console. Plus, the 40GB PS3 will leave a backwards compatibility gap for gamers...and just think about how long the PSOne held on after the PS2 proved to be successful. Oooh! But then again, maybe the lack of PS3 backward-compatibility will hurt the software sales even if the hardware does better. Isn't all this speculation so much fun?

But yes, with the aggressive price cuts of Sony's high end and Microsoft's only current offerings, few kids will be asking for a PS2 this Christmas.

PS2 On its Way Out for Good [gamedaily]


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