Itagaki Doesn't Want To Hang With The Censored

itagaki_vs_kotaku2.jpgTeam Ninja's fearless leader and boozemaster Tomonobu Itagaki is one of the last people you'd expect to answer to The Man, but he's actually pretty OK with it.

I don't believe the adage that the artist should be able to express whatever he wants is necessarily applicable in this case, because we're creating entertainment. And entertainment shouldn't include things that make people feel uncomfortable or extremely upset...[and]people out there that want to create something that is very far removed from societal norms and the moral sensibilities of the general public ... They're unfortunate, and I don't want to be grouped in with that group of people.

Who does want to be grouped with those weirdo people?? We're with you all the way! But, uhh...what's with all the decapitation?

...from a Japanese perspective, when you decapitate someone you're killing them instantly. So from a Japanese perspective, with the sword, when you decapitate somebody you're basically giving them a very quick and easy death.

That's an excellent point. And if decapitation weren't part of the Japanese Ninja Gaiden, this discussion would have never happen, and I'd have never learned this interesting cultural difference. Itagaki: I don't feel censored [gamesindustry]


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