It’s “Natural” For Early PS3 Adopters To Feel Cheated

It’s “Natural” For Early PS3 Adopters To Feel Cheated

giantraymaguire.jpgSCEE just let UK Managing Director Ray Maguire sit down with GamesIndustry for an interview. What do we get? More wacky SCEE executive quotes! And no matter how boring continued Sony/PS3 cock-ups get, we can always get a laugh out of those. Like, when asked whether early PS3 adopters would feel cheated, Maguire answers: “I think it’s natural to feel that way, of course it is”.

Guy also said a bunch of other stuff. The full interview’s over at GamesIndustry, and is definitely worth a read over your morning toast, but here’s the highlights: First, why having loads of different PS3s on the market isn’t confusing:

As products evolve the offerings change because they have to adapt to the needs of the consumers but I don’t think it’s been particularly confusing in six months to go from stand alone, to a bundled proposition into a low price entry level model.

So true. It hasn’t been at all confusing for PAL consumers to see three different PS3s (four if you count the upcoming Value Pack in Britain) in less than seven months.

We also have to remember that consumers don’t search around the world for different configurations. We are a global company but we have to act locally as well.

Also true! No way do we search around the world! I bet not one of you has the slightest idea of the number of different configurations the PS3 is currently being sold in across the world. Not even the foggiest!
Sony admits early PS3 adopters may feel cheated []

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