Japan Gets Dynasty Warriors/40GB PS3 Bundle

DWbundle.jpgThe Japanese 40GB PS3 news just will. Not. Stop. It's been announced today that Dynasty Warriors fans who are hanging onto their PS2s are the enemy. To entice them to get with the program, they've got the offer of purchasing a Dynasty Warriors 6/40GB PS3 bundle, which includes a white 40GB PS3, Dynasty Warriors 6 and a whole bunch of nifty Dynasty Warriors stuff like character art folders and dog tag-looking things. The whole package will cost ¥49980 ($US 426), which is exactly ¥10000 ($US 85) more than the standalone 40GB PS3. Nice swag, then, but definitely not cheap swag. 『真・三國無双5』の発売日が2007年11月11日に決定! 新モデルのプレイステーション3との同梱パックも登場![Famitsu]


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