Japanese Devs Explain Why Japan Hates The 360

japan360sales.jpgWe all know Japan hates the 360. We've all got our theories on why, too, but really, they're more like opinions. Few of you reading this are Japanese, even fewer of you make games specifically for the Japanese market. Which makes this GameSpot piece all the more interesting: they asked a whole bunch of Japanese devs just what they think is wrong with the 360.

Soul Calibur IV lead programmer Masaaki Hoshino

In order to succeed in Japan, [Microsoft]needs Japan-created content, not just a lot of foreign games that have been >> localised </</.

Anonymous Ace Combat 6 developer

Japanese players don't want challenging, stressful, difficult games. Japanese players would rather have role-playing games with a slow tempo, where they are led and shown what to do. So, maybe games like Blue Dragon will start to change things. When more of those kind of games come on to the market, then I think more Japanese players will accept the 360.

Anonymous designer

People think [foreign games]are difficult and there's no guidance on how to clear the objectives. Now that has changed, and they are much easier to play, but this bias remains among Japanese gamers.

Infinite Undiscovery director Hiroshi Ogawa

I think in the previous generation that when it was the Xbox versus the PlayStation 2, Microsoft was unable to put out many RPGs. They weren't able to put out the type of games Japanese players really play. And the resistance to 360 may be some holdover from that.

My 2 cents follows: We heard Ryan Payton talking about how Metal Gear Solid 4, one of the biggest titles coming out of Japan, had been completely "westernised". And not just a regular old localisation, everything from its cameras to its controls had taken the Western market into consideration. How many Western titles return the favour? Spot On: Japanese devs sound off on 360 [GameSpot]


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