Japanese Dude Wins 100 Xbox 360 Games

1135716.jpg Xbox Japan's summer campaign "Xbox 360 100 Titles Present" has drawn to a close, and the three winners have been selected. One of those winners has plastered his loot all over the internet. Ever wondered what 93* different Xbox 360 games look like on some guy's green futon? That, after the jump. 1135718.jpg *The other seven games are Xbox Live Arcade titles.

100 Game Winner [eta-narumu-n]


    Wow, congrats to him. Thats some great futon.... oh right, there are games there.

    Wow, that's a lot of Achievements right there.

    93 games and no halo in sight, unless it's under the letter. microsoft will stop at nothing to make sure everyone has to buy that game

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