Japanese Internet Cafes Not Really into Gaming

DSCN1422.JPG Sure, we all know about internet cafes in Korea and China, how they are a mecca for online gamers. But what about internet cafes in Japan? In a country where console is king, do people game in internet cafes? Cross marketing Inc questioned folks about internet and comic cafes. The participants were divided 50/50 between males and females. Twenty percent were in their teens, twenty percent in their 20s, twenty percent in their 30s, twenty percent in their 40s and twenty percent in their 50s. Here's the raw data. Hooray for numbers!

• Almost half had been to an internet or comic cafe • In a multiple answer poll about what they do at internet/comic cafes, 75 percent said they used the internet, 69.6 percent read manga, 33.8 percent eat or drink, 31.1 percent read magazines, 19.6 percent sleep, 16.2 percent watch DVDs, 11.5 percent play console games and 6.8 percent take a shower. (Yes, there are usually showers.) • Another multiple answer poll inquired what people do on the internet. 90.1 percent said they look at sites, 44.1 percent send and read email, 22.5 percent read bulletin boards, 21.6 percent work and 21.6 percent play online games. To put that in prespective, 19.8 percent update their own blog.

So, there you go. Don't worry about Japanese people playing online games until they have heart attacks. Not likely to happen!

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