Japanese Kids Like NES Better Than PSP

japaneseelementaryschool.jpg Yup, it's that time again. Time for some fascinating data. This particular data concerns the gaming habit of Japanese children. This past summer, 1,165 elementary school kids (60 percent girls) were polled in a public questionnaire on the Kids goo website. What did we learn? Certainly the DS dominates. Duh. But there actually were a few surprises. Those, after the jump!

• 80 percent play video games. • 34.4 percent have five or more video game machines in their house • In a multiple answer question, 82.2 percent usually play the DS and 39.8 play the GBA. The shocker? 4.8 percent still play the Dreamcast, and 5.1 still play the Saturn. Compare that to 10.5 percent who play the PSP and the 11.9 percent who play the Nintendo Famicom (NES). Yes, more Japanese kids play the NES than the PSP. Go ahead and say, "wow". Aloud, even! • 70.3 percent play games alone. • 20.2 percent are "forbidden" to play games by parents.

There's more data over at website What Japan Thinks. Check that out, it's fascinating. NES to PSP [WJT]


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