Japan's Biggest Jubblie Mouse Pad

enjoyeroge.jpg Computer erotic games getting jubblie mousepads is nothing new. Then again, ero title Voluptuous Women Doctor Enjoy (NSFW) is getting just any old mouse pad, but a rather "real" reproduction of character Mizuki Onda's ample ampleness. This particular pad is a thirty percent size increase over other boob pads, making this this the most busty erotic gaming mouse pad on the market. It makes the other mouse pads feel bad about themselves! It goes on sale this December for ¥4,995 ($US 44). Extremely embarrassing NSFW pics after the jump. You've been warned!

enjoy_pad_02.jpg The black boxes say "jishuku," which means something like "self-restraint."

enjoy_pad_04.jpg Thirty percent is a difference you don't only feel, but can see! More Pics [Medio Blog via Heisei Democracy]


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