Joust 3D Cancelled, And Other "Secrets"

joust1.jpgAhh, Sufer Girl. We don't know who you are, but we're really hoping you aren't a guy and that these mental images crossing you with Cameron Diaz (from back when she was hot) with a future, desperate, heroin-strung version of Scarlett Johansson aren't for naught. Now you tell us that Midway had planned to make 3D versions of all their classic games in the early 2000's, and that this Joust screen is proof of the project's cancellation. Then you listed 17 other games, many confirmed since by Google searches, that existed, were canceled and no one knew the wiser... until you swam to shore. We'll put that list after the jump while we try not to cry again over Deus Ex 3.

A.I. [arena fighting game based off the film](XBOX, ACES Studio/Microsoft) Alone in the Dark: The Abductions (PS2, Computer Artworks/Atari) Amped 4 (XBOX 360/PS3, Indie Built/2K Sports) Army Men: Air Cavalry (PS2/GC/XBOX, Check Six Studios/3DO) Blood Wake 2 (XBOX, Stormfront Studios/Microsoft) Damage Inc. [Metallica car combat title](PC/PS2/GC/XBOX, Climax/VU Games)* Dante [firefighting simulation](XBOX, ACeS Studio/Microsoft) Deus Ex 3 (PS2/XBOX/PC, Ion Storm/Eidos) Eidos announced back in May that their Montreal studio will be making a new Deus Ex 3 different from the one canceled. Also, this title was not Deus Ex: Clan Wars. Dirty Work [sandbox-style game](platforms unknown, Ubisoft) Fight For Your Right [party game](platforms unknown, Z-Axis/Activision) Freefall [sci-fi extreme skydiving game](XBOX, ironWorks/Microsoft) Freelancer 2 (XBOX 360, Digital Anvil/Microsoft) The Getaway Online [eventually became Home](PS2, Studio London/SCEE) Ghost World [spooky-themed action-platformer](PS2, Luxoflux/Activision) Jonny Moseley's Mad Trix 2 (PS2/GC, 3DO) Joust (PS2/GC/XBOX, Midway) Lemmings Forever (PS2, PictureHouse/SCEE) Oni 2 (PS2, Angel Studios/Take-Two)

Joust and 18 canceled games you never knew existed unless you worked on them [via gamesetwatch]


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