Juiced 2 Xbox 360 Spray

juiced2_360_1_small.jpgClick the image for a bigger shot.

Always did love a custom paint job on a console, and this Juiced 2-themed one for the 360 is sharp. And sexy. And a bunch of other wonderful words that mean "it looks good". Not so sure about the THQ logo (see below), but then, it's only on one side so you could just put that facing against the wall.

The tipster who sent this in says the job was done by Australian Daniel Power at Kreative Power, and uses automotive pearls. Apparently it's going to be demoed at an upcoming car show.

The less gorgeous (but still tasty) side after the jump.juiced2_360_2_large.jpg


    If only they spent that money on making the game fun. Played it this weekend, just awful... NFS Prostreet's demo was far superior, despite being buggy.

    How can you get ur 360 sprayed?

    go to www.airbursh.com.au these guys do it in sydney

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