Kaplan Discusses US Wii Ware Launch

Kaplan Discusses US Wii Ware Launch

wiiwarelogo.jpgThat downpour of Wii Ware news? Good news for Wii owners. Japanese ones at least, since they were the only ones that got details and a launch timeframe. No such luck for the US, while Europe and Australia… oh don’t make me laugh. But while North America didn’t get a firm date, Perrin Kaplan did tell Game|Life that they’re at least looking/hoping for a similar launch window:

I think we’ll be looking at a somewhat similar time frame [to Japan] , but we haven’t announced anything yet.

She also goes on to say that while some of the Wii Ware titles announced at Nintendo’s Fall Conference were obviously Japan-only, many of them are “global” projects that should show up in the West.

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