Katamari Creator Wants One Console Future

keita_takahashi.jpgWhen Keita Takahashi isn't predicting an impending apocalypse or warning of destructive climate change, he's making video games, a job he seems to hate. He also hates Katamari Damacy, saying he's "sick of it." Also worthy of Takahashi's bile? Multiple console manufacturers! His numerous flights of fancy include one that sees a single console future, where Nintendo PlayBoxes (or whatever!) are a thing of the past. Instead, shift power to developers and pass the savings on to consumers.

He tells Gamespot:

In an ideal world, I want to see only one major console being retailed on the market, and everyone actually making games for just one console, and bring the price of that console down from what the three currently cost right now.

Ah utopia! So which console wins the bloody war? Is it the PlayStation 3, "exclusive" home to Nobi Nobi Boy? Nope, the game designer envisions a totally new console, something that can shake up the industry. There's plenty more fantasy where that came from at his Q&A.

Q&A: Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi [Gamespot]


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