Know Your TF2 Classes

tf2classes.jpgI've spent a little time this morning with Team Fortress 2 (PC version) getting killed over and over again as a soldier, which apparently isn't my strong class, partly due to the fact that when I have a rocket launcher in my hand I have to fire it indiscriminately until I can fire it no more, and even after that I run around making whooshing rocket noises. Whooshing rocket noises, as entertaining as they may be, do not capture points. Not knowing the intricacies of each class is a bummer, so I am thankful to Custom PC for their Complete Guide to Team Fortress 2, which features a game overview, important strategies, and guides for getting the best out of each class. Whether you're into assault, defense, or support (I <3 Medics), the guide will... guide you towards getting the most out of your TF2 experience. Catch me online later today, Steam handle Fahey. I'll be the one making plunking sniper noises.

The complete guide to Team Fortress 2 [Custom PC]


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