Koopa Sand Sculpture

041007-Koopa.jpg Australian Kotakuite Andrew sends us a shot of how he spent his Wednesday while at the beach. That's right, they built a Koopa out of sand and seaweed. I'm actually heading out to Australia for a bit of a vacation next month. I'm going to be hitting up Surfers Paradise for a week too, so I'll have to try my own hand at a gaming sand castle. Any suggestions?


    That's awesome, Andrew! ^-^
    I already tried sand sculpture at high school and it was fun! But I couldn't choose the subjects. We were in teams of four and we had to make, with the help of photos, a salamender, an Egyptian pyramid and the Tower of Pisa.
    I didn't get the chance to go to the beach this summer... I hope next year!

    And for an idea of a sand sculpture, I think making Eggman would be very interesting!

    That was such a fun day :D

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