Korean PS3 IPTV Launching In November

iptvps3.jpgWay back in May Sony announced plans to deliver video on demand to the Korean market, and now those plans have come to fruition. While we sit patiently waiting for Microsoft's service to launch, Korean telecom operator KT and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea are teaming up to transform the PS3 into a set-top IPTV box. Starting in November, PS3 owners in South Korea will be able to access content from KT's Mega TV service, all in the pursuit of that ever-elusive synergy.

"With this partnership, Mega TV will include high-definition games and Blue-Ray media in its periphery,'' said Lee Young-hee, chief of the Media Center at KT."`We will seek more cooperation with SCEK to create synergy.''

Users will be able to download and store content from the service for their viewing pleasure whenever they want, but at what cost? No clue as pricing hasn't been announced, though I am assuming they will go the monthly subscription route. Way to synergise, Sony!

PS3 to Debut as IPTV Set-Top Box [Korean Times via Gizmodo]


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