Kotaku Originals: From Jack O' Lanterns To Halo 3 Pwnage

boopumpkin.jpgWelcome to your Saturday morning edition of Kotaku Originals. This week Kotaku went cukoo for jack o' lanterns, our Halo 3 team got roundly whipped by the Gizmodo gang and McWhertor experienced the wonder and magic that is E for All.

E For All Ends Early With Blackout

Metal Gear Box Set Doubtful For 2007

How To Wear Your Halo Helmet

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Wii Hands On Impressions

Halo 3 Kotaku Vs. Gizmodo Smackdown Report

Where's My Halo YouTube Button?

Kotaku Vs. Gizmodo: Halo Grudge Match

Katamari Rolls Up Halloween Spirit

Blathers Pumpkin Horrified By Insects

The Near-Collapsing D-Pad Jack-o'-Lantern

Boo! It's A PUMPKIN!

First Western WiiWare Game Announced

Duck Amuck

Pandemic Shows EA Their Cock

Penny Arcade Pwn Me in Eye of Judgment

Burning Mushroom

Blue Dragon Happy Meal Doesn't Mention 360

Ghost Squad Hands On Impressions

2 Minutes With Battalion Wars 2

Master of Illusion Hands On Impressions

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Hands On Impressions

Link's Crossbow Training Hands On Impressions

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Hands On Impressions

Super Mario Galaxy Hands On Impressions

A Little Bit of TNA

TNA Impact! Wrestling

Mario Pumpkin

Big Daddy from BioShock


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