Kotaku Originals: From The Aussie PS3 To Eye of Judgement

Happy Sunday morning. And now it's time for another heaping helping of Kotaku Originals. This week we got a dearth of PS3 from the land down under, Crecente gets cuddly with Eye of Judgement and McWhertor gets a sweet two minutes with Super Smash Bros. Brawl.Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hands On Impressions Eye of Judgement Online Play Jack Black's First Brutal Legend Song A Mysterious Record Dipping My Hands In Bleach A Closer Look At The Mario Kart Wheel Check My Golden Phantom Hourglass Box Hitman Movie To Embrace R Rating EA's Bioware, Pandemic Conference Call UPDATE: NBA's Arenas a Big, Fat Halo Cheater Dissecting Jack's Latest TV Spin Mario Made from Floppy Discs 40GB PS3 Hits Australia, 60GBs Disappear Wii Remote Jacket Hands-On Region Free DualShock 3 Supports Ratchet & Clank Future Day One Foot-On New Mario Shoes The Skinny On The Euro Halo 3 Bundle NBC Uses Gamer as Shorthand for Nerd Up Close and Personal Assassin's Creed Pre-Order Box Unboxed An Altair Figure To Stalk Your Crusader Lord Figures With No 60GB Value Pack, Price-Cut For Australia Ace Combat 6's 360 Controller Up Close UPDATE - New Halo 3/Xbox 360 Bundle Hits Europe? New Soldier of Fortune Gorefest Looks Much Better Rockstar Appeals UK Rating Decision Georgia is Gaming The Halo 3 Shwag Winner Is... High Score 100 In The Wild Halo 3 Still Stopping Some in Japan SCE Australia Quiet On 60GB Price Cuts, Value Pack


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