Kotaku Vs. Gizmodo: Halo Grudge Match

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Live casting starts now. Watch and don't mock! Game starts on the hour best of seven. Guardian, Pit, Isolation, Construct and High Ground. Hit the jump for the live-ish blog!Crecente just put his son to bed, so we are waiting.... For him to do that. Crecente is back, deleting people on his XBL account to make room for Luke.

BOMBSHELL. Readers we didn't lie: We will be talking on Gizmodo with Crecente, Fahey, Mark Wilson and Luke... Luke Smith. Former Kotaku writer and current Bungie employee. Giz will be bringing on former writer Travis, who doesn't work for Bungie.

And the game is getting under way. Sorta. GET A TRIPOD, CRECENTE. Oh, the camera is strapped to Crecente's head.

First game and Kotaku wins!

Crecente would like to point out that he has the second highest number of kills.

Second game. It's 1-1. Giz wins! Rather, Giz wins.

Third game. Giz wins 49-50. Giz is up 2-1. :/

Fourth game. Giz...

Fifth game. And it looks like Kotaku just might... WIN!!! It's now 3-2.

Last game. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fuck."


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