Krazy Ken To Be Honoured By Less-Crazy ESA

kenfuntimes.jpgSometime nowish (global time's too much for me sometimes), Ken Kutaragi, aka Father Of The PlayStation, aka Retired Ken, will be honoured by the ESA for his services to gaming. Oh, he's also Krazy Ken. Why crazy? Look at him! Dude's clutching a Dualshock, even though he's riding a rollercoaster. It's not even plugged in! Krazy. ESA president Michael Gallagher:

Ken's contributions to our community and the entertainment lives of ordinary consumers are extraordinary. His insight and vision revolutionised in-home entertainment, enabling advancements in creativity, technology, and innovation.

Sadly, Kutaragi's contributions to 4D gaming seem to have gone unrecognised.

ESA honors Kutaragi at "Nite to Unite" []


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