Last Quarter, 1.3 Million PS3s Sold

5121-ps3slim.jpg Finally! Things are starting to look up for embattled Sony. The electronics giant released its consolidated financial results for the 2nd quarter that ended on September 30th. The results? The company's operating loss in the game division increased because of "strategic pricing of PS3 at pints lower than its production cost." Overall hardware sales were up, and thegame division saw a 42.9 percent increase in sales thanks the PS3 and the redesigned PSP. PlayStation 2 sales remained steady. Total game software sales dipped "as a result of a decrease in PS2 and PSP software sales." Also, Sony has changed the way it reports hardware and software unit sales. Instead of counting shipped units, it now counts actual sold units. The quarter between July and September looks like this:

Worldwide hardware unit sales (increase/decrease year-on-year) PS2: 3.28 million units (a decrease of 0.13 million units) PSP: 2.58 million units (an increase of 0.56 million units) PS3: 1.31 million units

Software units after the jump.

PS2: 38.0 million units (a decrease of 9.2 million units) PSP: 12.6 million units (a decrease of 0.6 million units) PS3: 10.3

Whew. I don't know about you, but I'm all numbered out. Breaktime! Report Here [Sony]


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