Learning to Read and Write (When You're Four)

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I got a couple games in the mail today. And I really have no clue when I'm going to play them. With my crazy busy writing schedule, I have about an hour of gaming everyday. Of late, that hour has been occupied with Halo 3. Now, that I *finally* got BioShock today and *finally* got Stranglehold (cancelled my PS3 order, 'cause of the endless delays), the games are gonna start piling up. Next month brings Super Mario Galaxy, Kane & Lynch, Assassin's Creed, blah, blah, blah. Remember last year when people bitched and moaned about not enough games? Now we're bitching and moaning about not enough time to play them. The irony.

This afternoon, Mini-Bash wrote up a shopping list for Mrs. Bashcraft. He's four, and his serial killer handwriting shows it. After scribbling his name, he also wrote "potato", "carrot" and "meat" in Japanese hiragana. He then gave it to Mrs. Bashcraft and told her not to forget the carrots. Since Japanese is a phonetic language, I think kids learn to write and read fairly easily — kanji is a different can of worms, though. I know I still have problems with English spelling and have all my life. The readers probably know that, too!

Then again, many Japanese people have problems remembering how to write kanji characters, so maybe it evens out...

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